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25/05/2015 / jenniferrobsonartist

Pablo Neruda, a Doll’s House and My Granda

So much in this, could’ve been six blogs! But I was just beginning.

Jennifer Robson - Artist

What a beautiful blue sky with white cloud sunny day! It just makes me feel so hopeful and like anything is possible. Sunlight is streaming through my studio window alighting on my work, casting incredible shadows on my horses and hares in my little sets. I love how my new work interacts with its surroundings like this, that’s the beauty of sculpture! The whole feel of a piece can change when you literally – see it in a different light. The sunlight sparkles and twinkles little glitter spots all over my studio. Just fabulous! I worked on my Doll’s House yesterday and have made lots of headway as to where it is going and what it is all about. It came from an original sketchbook idea I had 3years ago, after I read in a symbolism book that the house is often used as a representative symbol of the psyche…

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