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14/10/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

Landscapes – Fife and Dundee

I love going to the beach and walking barefoot into the sea. Even in the freezing North sea. It’s the same as gazing up at the stars, and contemplating how old and far away they are. By inspiring such awe and realising how big the universe is, it can be a grounding and comforting thing to do when you are feeling down. I fight with anxiety and depression every day and the sky has always been a comfort to me. I think of the weather as a metaphor for my moods. On the one hand the blue is always there up in the atmosphere – a constant, even on a cloudy day it’s behind the clouds. And oin the other the clouds, light and weather are all so changeable that it reminds me nothing stays the same. Which helps me live in the present and know that when I feel bad it won’t last. A sunbeam could break though and the light, the air, the colours, the temperature all change in a heartbeat. And vice versa – a torrential rain could come down at any minute when you least expect it. But that’s ok because everything changes and so it’s going to be ok. All you need to do is look up. 🙂

It was the last piece in my show that sparked the landscape. Auchmithie. A beach scene composed of gems, glitter and trinkets covering the canvas to represent the beach. A friend said to me that the stones of Auchmithie look like jewels when they are wet and that’s where I got the idea. Then I noticed how changeable a place is because when I went back to visit, it was a completely different place. I feel the drive to capture all the weathers, all the colours, all the light. And I noticed you can spot the rain miles away if you stand far back enough, you can see it coming. But also there is the blue sky, even on days when the cloud covers the sky with silver and grey, you’ll spot a peak of blue sneaking through. And it represents hope to me.

Sometimes it feels futile to try to make work that will come close to expressing landscape, but I can’t help but try.

I can’t believe beautiful Fife has been so close to where i live in Dundee and it’s taken me until now to explore it. But that’s another benefit of falling in love with Ewan 🙂 I am loving the results using my fancy new pastels my boyfriend bought me as a gift (what a babe).

Starting with these exploratory sketches of my train journeys over the last year from Dundee to Ladybank. All works are originals, these are now on sale on Artfinder.


















Remember to look up



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