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18/08/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

Favourite Toys…

Ever have a favourite toy growing up? One that featured in some way in all your games?
I had a horse who took on many faces. He featured in my love stories between my man and woman dolls. He was his faithful steed – and her confidant. A magical vessel in my fairytales.
What I loved about him, was the modelling, the colour, the realism such a life-like model. When you hold him, he is solid, heavy, smooth, perfect for small hands to cup. He can move his neck and head, so I could pose him eating grass, or he would lower his head and nuzzle into my doll, comforting her.
He has his wounds from over the years, a broken leg, fixed with mulliput, sellotape, blue tack at times. He no longer has a mane, (I think I pulled him out of a toy box by the mane and it came out) which I now see amplifies that curve of a horse’s neck, that I love to sweep with my pencil when I draw my horses. It’s lovely to realise that even now I draw one of my horses without a mane and where that might have come from. The modelling of his head is so beautiful, a kind eye, a mouth slightly open for a bridle – I quickly lost the original bridles and so I’d fashion my own. Sometimes a ribbon, or hairband and sometimes a glittering chain froma  charity shop my granny would find for me.
There is something about this horse that keeps alive a connection for me from my childhood, to the artist I am today. That camaraderie, becuase he has been in all my stories. And now I’ve a whole herd of comrades to tell my stories-  in the horses I draw today. I’m so fond of him. So I painted him, how I see him, and gave him the reverence he deserves.


Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Horse Toy detail Jennifer Robson

Horse with Necklace Bridle Chief - Jennifer RobsonDSC_0615 DSC_0627 DSC_0638Myth- Bringer harbinger - Jennifer Robson


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