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03/07/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

Hirsute Hair Suit

Hirsute Hair Suit2detail4

‘Dear lady, your bosom and curves are bewitching
but what are you hiding beneath your hair corset?’
‘Excuse me dear wolf, do mind who you talk to!
I am trying to breathe and your words are not helpful.’

So she turned on her tail, but a memory irked her
for that beautiful tail had flicked itself at her.
And Silvery Wolf, he saw something in her.
‘Dear lady please stay, you have only just got here.
I will allow you to breathe – let my teeth at that corset.’
And let him she did for she now could not move –
those braids of the corset were tight in her grooves.
She could not remember what the corset was for
but she liked how he talked and the free way he moved.
And as he undid her with his red-felted tongue,
he crooned to her quietly, read her a song.
His paws found her ribbons, unravelled them down
’til he found deep within there the most foetid wound.
He unbound her sad tail, all twisted and pussy,
cut all her bindings and licked clean her sores.
As his sharp pearly teeth sliced through matted hair,
he welcomed her home to his sweet rosy lair.
They lay there together on a sun-dappled floor,
her in her pink skin and him in his fur.

Hirsute Hair Suit2detail Hirsute Hair Suit2detail2

Hirsute Hair Suit  Pencil on paper £600

Hirsute Hair Suit
Pencil on paper


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