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02/07/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

One Year Ago – The Making of The Girl who had a Tail

Well it’s been a whole year. Last year at this time i was up to my eyes in hair and nails. hanging the show with wonderful team at the Meffan in Forfar.

As a wee treat to mark the occassion – here are some of the concept works that led to some of the pieces and the layout of the show. Using sketchbook pro I drew my show in on photos I’d taken of the space, to plan out the show. see here the Hare King before Bute Taxidermist Duncan Ferguson posed him for me,  and the vibrant blue cloak coming to life before I’d made it. The horse in its first stages was originally supposed to be made from hair, the wire was just going to be the framework but when i started working woth the qire and saw the line like qualities and the joy I got form manipulating it I shelved that iea for another time.

With the portrait Little Blue Riding I was able to try the cloak on her without actually painting it in, I played with several ideas. I was originally planning to paint a full cloak but it was sketchbook pro that gave that bold beautiful blue line idea.

Julie Muir, textile designer and all round fabric knowledge fountain made my cloak for me to the brief perfectly. She made it in cheap lining material first for me, which i still have and plan to do something with.  I remember the night she brought it up to my house and me and my neighbours all tried it on. its so heavy and luxurious, with the velvet hood which symbolises the wolf fur.

Hopefully this gives you an insight into a fraction of the crazy work i did. photo(13) DSC_0066Enjoy.


photo 3 (5) photo 2 (5) photo 3 (3)  photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)  photo 1 (2)photo 3 photo 2 DSC_0157 DSC_0152 DSC_0471photo 2 (4) photo 3 (6)photo 1 photo 4 photo 2 (3)


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