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12/06/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

Fife Landscapes – Full of life

So I’ve got this fancy lense that has a macro and telescopic thingies on it which means i can drive about Fife ( well Ewan drives – I peruse) and the whole place is just beautiful, back and forth to Dundee on the train is a treat every time, because no two days are the same. The light is ever changing, which means the colours are always so varied. If you think about it, one day the grass on a verge looks bright luminous spring green, on a bright sunny day say- but half an hour later when the rain storms come, the same area turns pale jade green. Then there are the rapeseed oil fields, fading now, but depending on the weather they can vary form warm bright yellow to a cool blue overcast day when the darkness around the field intensifies its colour making it look vibrantly lemon yellow. I’m studying the landscape because Ewan bought me a set of pastels as a gift, and as I wait for them to be delivered I’ve been planning to do a series of landscapes to capture this. Although I have been into clouds for years, I’ve never found the right time to start making landscape work until Auchmithie.
Anywho we went for a drive to Anstruther for chips mmmmm the other night and I was amazed at how many creatures we spotted. Ewan is a Fife lad so he grew up with all of this, and he works outside so he can do these amazing things a city girl is impressed with – like knowing its going to snow by looking at the sky, and country knowledge and names of birds and places I’ve never seen. I suppose it’s that thing of really looking at what is always there but really  seeing it for the first time. Which is part of the artists job. We saw buzzards, pheasants, a jay, a warbler, hundreds of swallows, swifts, house martins, sand martins,sheep, coos, horses, one deer, rabbits but I still have not seen a hare so I’m still on the look out.

The fields and lights I’ve been seeing remind of this painting by Glasgow Boy Joseph Crawhall, which was the beginning of my obsession with swallows, there is magic in that mans brush stroke and the way he really saw the light and how it affected the land. its the simplicity of the shape of the swallows dip dipping too.Joseph-Crawhall-Landscape-with-Cattle








And that dappled jade green shadowed grass in the sunlight of this George Henry painting. The Glasgow boys made me look again at landscape and have inspired me to make my own paintings.

George Henry Noon

George Henry Noon











Heres a few of my first attempts at photographing animals.




This cone is my friend. We shall not part.

This cone is my friend. We shall not part.


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  1. Palmira G.Q. / Jun 12 2014 10:29 am

    Beautiful painting!! Has so much light and resolved the grass and everything with a lovely texture!!

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