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02/06/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

Weekend Positive Inspirations – Ladybank Fife

So there are Forget-me-nots everywhere at the moment. Little punches of cornflour blue get me every time. Also had a trip to the bead shop the other day and went a bit mad. Pick n mix beads? In all the colours? Evil genius! Embroidery will now be studded in glitter like my Auchmithie painting. Seeing that much glitter just makes me feel so happy.

Mr Snail also cheered me up with his determination to hang on. He was just right outside the front door all the way up the hedge at head height.

And of course in Fife there are always some incredible clouds, it was really windy so it was a case of blink and you’ll miss it but I managed to catch a swirly cloud can you see it too? Amazing. That’s the thing about clouds, no two skies are the same. And that’s a comfort to me, a constant source to tap into whenever I’m struggling with anxiety or depression -I can always look up. Clouds, skies are transitory, things are always changing so I may feel bad right now but it could all change in a minute and tomorrow is a new day.









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