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28/05/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

How 5 Post-It Notes Can Make You Happy, Confident and Successful

Positivity is the key. Re-set yourself from your default negativity to positivity. Except when its really getting to you then just have a huge cry, accept it feels rubbish and then look at your post it notes. Great idea.


Little Reminders Create Big Changes

You know why older people are happier?

Research shows as we age we remember the good and forget the bad:

…older people shown pictures of faces or situations tend to focus on and remember the happier ones more and the negative ones less.

Yeah, that’s all it takes. So if you could just regularly get reminders of the good things in your life, well, you’d be halfway there…

And it’s not speculation — research shows thinking about the good things actually does make you happier.

Reminders, something as simple as a post-it note, are very powerful – and for more than just remembering to buy milk.

Studies show simple reminders help people act more ethically, quit smoking, and save more money.

And a couple well placed post-it notes can have a major impact foryou too.

A while back I posted about…

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