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20/05/2014 / jenniferrobsonartist

Blue’s Possessions – The Girl who had a Tail cont.

forgetmenots Jennifer robson Artist Dundee

So I still have this character ‘Blue’ and I have the story of Blue – The Girl who had a Tail, who is me, but almost like an imaginary stronger bolder more extreme version of me right? Anyway I’ve worked out she’s an exaggerated version of maybe an aspect of myself who inhabits fairy tales and stories and obviously has super powers right?

Anywho a good trick writers use to fill out a character is to think about the characters environment and what their possessions might look like and what these possessions say about them. I’ve written this story about Blue but she is taking on a whole new level of her own now, like i wanted her to start as me but now i need her to grow, move on, tell stories you know? So I ‘m exploring her house, her possessions, her objects and I’ve collected some things on pinterest she’d definately have. You can see here. You can also see ll the other interesting things that inpsire my brain here.

I also painted a few things in the show that were objects of reverence and catalyst to the story of TGWHAT, like the plates they ate from, the cup and saucer they shared tea over, the locket her grandmother gave her. cup with Victorian taps Jennifer Robson The girl who had a Tail

plate Jennifer robson- The girl who had a Tail

The Blue Chair jennifer Robson

The Blue Door The Girl who had a Tail Jennifer Robson

Note to self the girl who had a tail jennifer RobsonI’ve started to sew these things now, which is working well, because it’s a slow process it seems to be more successful than drawing the objects/furniture. It has all the surprise of drawing though but forces you to really consider each mark. Its important its done one stitch at a time, freehand with no plan before. If i know what the end result looks like it doenst challenge me. I like the drawing to unfold. Some new sewing treats. chair Jennifer Robosn

chair2 Jennifer Robson


forgetmeknots Jennifer Robson Artist

forgetmenots Jennifer robson Artist Dundee



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  1. Gavin Cameron / May 20 2014 8:44 pm

    In writing, as in art, it’s sometimes easy to use yourself as a character, whether in a small way, or in an exaggerated form, as your Girl Who Had a Tail. In fact, it’s widely acknowledged that most authors’ first novels draw on their own background far more than any subsequent books. I know that’s true in the case of my second novel.

    I also noted that with your sewing, “It’s important it’s done one stitch at a time, freehand with no plan before. If I know what the end result looks like it doesn’t challenge me.” I can write a story like that, and encounter turns I didn’t expect en route, although I usually have an idea what the twist is going to be. This gives me a point to aim towards, or I might meander aimlessly. Did you find yourself writing the narrative without knowing the ending, or did that unfold as you wrote?

    • jenniferrobsonartist / May 21 2014 9:14 pm

      OOOOH big questions Gav. Well i knew the fairytale i wanted to work with beforehand, and i knew i wanted to rewrite it more like a love story so that gave me lots to go on. I find I need to set myself some perameters with all creative endeavours, whether its as simple as an object that resonates to work with or basing it on a centuries old folk tale. Its a bounce off point like the prompts in Zoes class. It’s way more exciting this way because its like you get to live the story, as it unravels. In fact i wrote quite a few main important pieces of TGWHAT in Zoes class without knowing they’d make it to be part of the final tale. My theory is that your stories are waiting inside you and that any prompt can get what struggling to be born. You just have DO it. start writing, drawing, thinking and the world opens up for you. And it wasn’t until right to the last few weeks after i’d made every piece of work, and knew what was going to be hung and where before the show i came to an ending foir the tale that worked and made some sort of truth to to the story i wasnt trying to get out.

      • Gavin Cameron / May 22 2014 3:45 pm

        I suppose that was a big question, but what a great answer.

        I asked partly because I recently made a list of my incomplete stories, with the intention of expanding them from Zöe’s prompts in the near future. There is one in particular where I just can’t find an ending I’m satisfied with.

        I might explore this theme in a future post. Thank you.


  1. Long May It Last. | Gavin Cameron

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