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26/07/2013 / jenniferrobsonartist

The Blue Cloak – Little Blue Riding Hood

Embroidery is a form of adornement. Needlework itself can be both functional in the creation of a wearable garment but also beautiful at the same time. In the show I taught myself, using the internet, freehand embroidery. I am always touched by whitework and lace especially, as its such an intricate and lenghty skill. For me it is the same as what I get from my blue drawings; the delicacy, subtlty and preciousness of how it is made. I like that needlework was a form of expressing love, and that i can draw with needles is wonderful.
swallow detail
This is the main character of my stories blue cloak. The cloak is adorned in precious jewellery and real seed pearls, brooches than carry motifs that are important to me. I embroidered everything freehand, with no pattern as this is how I draw. I’m more interested in the mystery of what comes out. The hare and the swallow are symbols of protection and comfort for me. So it is only fitting that this luxurious cloak is adorned with these symbols in precious colours – blue, white and gold. In The girl who had a Tail, Blue’s mother’s, passed down the cloak to Blue.

The cloak is a form of dress and like the corset in the tale, it becomes a symbol of the feminine and a metophor for the weights a woman (girl) carries. In this tale the cloak refers to previous interpretations of the tale Little Red Cap. The red suggest among other things red menstrual blood and the hood of the clitoris and the tale can be read as darkly sexual and has been (Angela Carter, Carole Anne Duffy). However the Blue cloak carries symbolisms of otherworldiness, divinity, and protection. By playing with these known symbolisms and turning them on their head, i invite the viewer to see the tale afresh.

jennifer robson the girl who had a tail rose detail freehand embroidery

swallow detail

the blue cloak-the girl who had a tail - jennifer robson

the girl who had a tail freehand rose embroidery locket Jennifer Robson


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