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29/05/2013 / jenniferrobsonartist

The Girl who had a Tail – writing for the show

Book cover mock up.

Book cover mock up.Extracts from pieces I have written for the


‘There once was a girl who had a Tail…’

‘There is a Girl who lives her life with a burden; She has a Tail.You may have seen this girl. You may love her, or envy her, even hate her. Under her feminine tresses, that following tail, she hides her affliction well. ‘

‘His paws found her ribbons and unravelled them down until he found deep within the most foetid part. He unrolled her sad tail, all twisted and pussy, cut all her bindings and licked clean her sores.’

‘Then soaked and shivering and dirty, she limped down the road, cast her eyes up to the slavering Scottish sky, and howled. The heralding wind pulled at her naked torso, she could feel the hairs on her body rise. Bones shifted. She pulled the bloody fur around her… she was safe.’


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  1. aphreya / Jun 3 2013 5:45 pm


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