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16/02/2012 / jenniferrobsonartist

LOVE – Valentine’s day thoughts.

Jennifer Robson When you love someone, their appearance becomes a secondary thing,to who they are and what they do for you and how they make you laugh or feel. And what marks them as different, birthmarks, crinkly smiles, the way they look at you sometimes, are what reinforces the love. So what is all this nonsense about? Do people really need to go to all this effort to attract a mate, like bleaching their teeth for one, and starving themselves in misery when it doesn’t even matter.

Love is irrational. When you feel it, you have no say. That’s why it is completely ridiculous to follow some formula, that makes you look a certain way, when its a completely random specific game anyway. People are not loved because they look beautiful. Think about it, why do you love who you love? What would you do for them? I’m talking about all kinds of love, family and friend and lovers. If you think about how and why you love people, is it too much to believe and expect them to love you in this same way?

So why is the world promoting an ideal and frankly scary photo-shopped look, when the person you love is the one with sleep in their eyes and the one who pumps in their sleep?


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