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15/03/2011 / jenniferrobsonartist

Salt and Pepper Pheasants

Day 1million ( feels like it!)

Haven’t had a minute to write for a while, due to having to do business stuff (OUCH!) and organise promotion for the show. Been crazy panicking I won’t have enough work and then panicking I’ll have too much!! Am also eating way too much chocolate – is it ok to have desert after breakfast?!

Wrote a whole amazing blog last week and really made headway on what I am doing, only to navigate away from page by accident…Oops!!! So now I am out of the huff with the blog, here goes.

Things are looking very exciting in my studio and I can visualise the show now. .

I got THE MOST AMAZING spice Wrack form Tayside recyclers for £3 last week and I swear it was meant for me. It is two shelved white-washed wood with lace fretwork and my objects look so beautiful on it, it is perfect. It occurs to me that the time I spend looking around charity shops and going to my favourite haunts in Dundee to inspire me is so important, more than I realised.

I spent so many years misunderstanding that art doesn’t just spring out of nothing. Expecting amazing pieces of art to come out without putting anything in. I now look, I mean really look everywhere I go. I see secret doorways to other worlds whenever I pass a blue painted door. I look at the architecture on my way to the studio every day and love all the old half torn down or disused buildings near Verdant Works and my studio. This is where many of the City’s original Jute Mills and factory’s were and as a result these buildings have been renovated and expanded on, but you can still see where the original buildings were in places. This sparks a whole world of stories in my imagination, I love the bricked up windows and Doors all overgrown with shrubbery, makes me think of the Secret garden.

In particular I also love the old Dundee Chamber of Commerce building. It is like some medieval bell tower from Notre Damme, it even has gargoyles! In Dundee! I love this idea of finding stories everywhere, it is a fundamental element of the way I used to play when I was young. I still get the same feelings when I find a spice wrack or a pair of Gold Pheasant salt and pepper shakers (their heads come off and rotate!!) at the recyclers. At the studios at WASPS if someone leaves something unwanted outside their door this can be heaven for me, I love the idea of someone’s rubbish is another’s treasure.

I want to show my inspiration in the show, so people can relate, because I find it all so amazing and this is partly why I make it because I am saying ‘Look and see…I am inviting you to see the world through my eyes and hopefully to see your world in a new light too.


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