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04/03/2011 / jenniferrobsonartist

Day 5 – The Hare says ‘Hello’

Telling Tales (Tails)

So after a mad busy crazy week of Business plans, shameless self-promotion for upcoming Solo show and showing my one year old nephew paint for the first time (starting with his blue period followed by his quick burst into more expressive red ‘blob’ style then very quickly into the ‘in your hair, on the floor – i’m more interested in the paint bottle actually Auntie Jen!!’ period) I am back to my blog!!

Thought maybe I should say a little more about the show Telling Tales (tails) to give you an idea of what is in my head. Tails is really a chance to bring together all the little ‘signatures and celebration of being Jen’ as it were, that I have developed since beginning to really let go in my work. I’ve been on a bit of a jourmey to move away form a prescribed way of working to this new adventurous and exciting fun way of working. I suppose the show is a celebration of being able to enjoy what i do, as much as a chance for my to tell the story of what has happened to me personally over the last two years. I can only be honest here and say I’ve not been that well, suffered from depression, had a few terrible relationships, lost my job and general day to day rubbish, childhood stuff and all the usual – which of course they say – ‘everbody has their shit’. But I’ve also come into my own as an artist, have had amazing support from incredible loving and supporting friends and family, worked with some really brilliant Artistic and non artistic but incredibly devoted people, met a book full of generous and giving with their time advisers in business, had a great counsellor who has helped me tremendously and had a right lot of fun.

So I suppose when I wrote in my sketchbook in 2008 ‘I am putting in an order for a solo show in 2011’ I had no idea just how wonderful and life-changing the journey getting here would be. So here then, Telling tales (Tails) is the introduction to the life of Jen Robson, the Artist. (FINALLY)


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