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28/02/2011 / jenniferrobsonartist

Day 2 – Diamond Swallows, a piano and half a whale

Sooo day 2 of this madness…


Went to McManus Art gallery today to see Consider the Lillies, (Scottish artists affiliated with Dundee exhibition).Was very inspiring. I love James Gunn’ portraits of his wife. Just incredible painting of material and the expression on her face is so elegant and very knowing and sure. Also taken by James Howie’s Blue painting.

Also visited the Dundee and the World exhibition again, absolutely love this exhibit, ’tis my favourite. Just amazing. It is a display of some of the collections of international items brought back throughout Dundee’s history byt the whalers and travellers connected with Dundee’s huge whaling industry. There is the most beautiful fiddle, made by an Inuit and it is just Awesome. It is a wooden box and was to be played in the lap. There are no strings on it, but the way it is constructed is like a doll’s wooden wardrobe, it makes me think of a secret door to another world and i love that idea.
Anywho was very excited and now I am in my studio and have just made a whale-tailed piano with a horse’s head, which i plan to turn into a clock. As a result of just playing with all my charity shop treasures I’ve collected in my studio, I realise where this piece directly comes from. As does most of my recent work these days, it stems from things from my childhood which fascinated me or inspired a feeling of magic and possibility in me. For this particular piece it is the Wellgate Centre clock in Dundee. I loved it when I was wee and always wished as I walked past (or was dragged by my mum!), I would get to the tiny chance glimpse it as it came to life on the hour! I must find out more about it and who made it. It has a mechanical blue Unicorn and a lion which wakes up at the hour! There are also 12 doors with paintings(of other worlds!) behind them, one of which opens on the hour also. Amazing.

Enough blethers for today,

Over and out xx



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  1. Genna Delaney / Mar 1 2011 1:34 pm

    Your blog has come back to life – woohoo

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