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25/02/2011 / jenniferrobsonartist

sooooo here goes…


So have decided to attempt to keep a wee blog as it’s what all the kids are doing these days! Today I have just realised I have to have my first ever solo show ready in less than a month. GAH!!!

Sitting here in my studio surrounded by a mass of white and blue hand painted objects including a doll’s house, kitchen utensils and a variety of horses. I don’t know what the heck i’m doing and I am trying really hard to keep sane. I mean ok, I sort of do know what I am doing, that’s not entirely true…the problem is trying to make sense of the stuff in my head and half made art  in my studio to make some sort of coherent show. I have tons of work and ideas but seem to be struggling with what goes where and why. I know the answer, (which I regularly forget!) is to ‘JUST DO IT’ and all will be revealed. its still very daunting though, especially when you can’t afford your electricity bill and keep making jokes to everyone about living on beans, which they whole-heartedly laugh at and you do too. It would be even funnier if it wasn’t true!! Hehe! AHEM…eeeeek! 🙂

But alas I must keep reminding myself tis not forever and I am brave and living the dream here, so just need to keep going, keep going, keep going! ‘Just keep swimming!’ Phew.  It occurs to me that to really make any sort of Happy existence as an artist you really can never afford to get down about it and not believe in yourself. So yeah am right on that!! Dust yourself down and again and again.

PS I made a bed and a Winged back Throne today. It is soooo amazing and little things like that make it all worth it.

Well over and out for today.


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